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1. Not just grasping at straws: Taiwan-based YFY has developed an enzymatic process to pulp strawYFY has developed an enzymatic process to pulp straw that it calls a "revolution" in the papermaking processPulp and Paper International (PPI)
Nº: 5410
Fecha: Octubre 2012
2. Managing total reduced sulfur emissions at a Canadian kraft pulp mill This study addresses the challenges a dissolving-grade pulp mill in Canada faced in 2014 in meeting its total reduced sulfur (TRS) gas emission limit. Theses emissions from the recovery boiler exit are controlled by passing the boiler exit gas through a TRS scrubber system. The mill employs a cyclonic direct contact evaporator to concentrate black liquor to firing solids content. The off-gases from the direct contact evaporator flow to the effluent gas control system that consists of a venturi scrubber, a packed bed scrubber, and a heat recovery unit. Emissions of TRS greater than the regulated limit of 15 ppm were observed for a 4-month period of 2014. The level of emissions measured during this period was significantly higher than about 12 ppm, the expected average value based on hisotric experience. The problem persisted from mid-June 2014 until the annual mill shutdown in October 2014. The main TRS components detected and the performance of the Teller scrubber in capturing them are examined. Other potential causes for these emissins are identified, including mechanical problems such as broken packing in the TRS packed bed scrubber, broken baffle plates in the scrubber, and cyclone evaporator leaks causing air ingress. Repairs were carried out during the mill shutdown, which eliminated the TRS emissions problem. Tappi Journal
Nº: 1504
Fecha: Abril 2016