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1. Waste paper quality and seasonal impact on deinking process & remedial measures - A case study at EmamiQuality news print can be obtained from recycled fibers by optimizing furnish, deinking process and water circuit. It has been observed that longer aging time, summer effect decreases pulp brightness with increase inn ERIC values. Open yards storage under direct sunlight and rain also found to be the most harmful for ONP & OMG. Another challenge is sticky. Use of talc is also effective in the stickies control. This paper emphasizes on the remedial measures taken to overcome seasonal effect, aging and quality variation in furnish.IPPTA - The official jounal of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association
Nº: 2403
Fecha: Julio 2012
2. Effective recycling of waste paper for production of good quality newsprintThe quality of raw material generally depend upon availability & cost. The quality of raw material plays a major role for final paper. The impact of raw material quality variation can be minimized by process & chemical optimization. The most common goal of chemical optimization is minimizing cost. The waste effluent comes out from the deinking plant consists of ink, fillers, spent chemicals and other coating materials present in the waste paper. To reduce the chemical consumption in ETP, it is to be treated separately.IPPTA - The official jounal of the Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association
Nº: 2503
Fecha: Julio 2013