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5. Contrasting underlying mechanisms of different barrier coating types Barrier coatings are used in applications including food packaging, dry goods, and consumer products to prevent transport of different compounds either through or into paper and paperboard substrates. These coatings are useful in packaging to contain active ingredients, such as fragrances, or to protect contents from detrimental substances, such as oxygen, water, grease, or other chemicals of concern. They also are used to prevent visual changes or mechanical degradation that might occur if the paper becomes saturated. The performance and underlying mechanism depends on the barrier coating type and, in particular, on wheter the barrier coating is designed to prevent diffusive or capillary transport. Estimates on the basis of fundamental transport phenomena and data form a broad screening of different barrier materials can be used to understand the limits of various approaches to construct barrier coatings. These estimtes also can be used to create basic design rules for general classes of barrier coatings. Tappi Journal
Nº: 1701
Fecha: Enero 2018